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Design & Install Grid Feed Solar Power.

Design & Install Stand Alone Solar Power Systems

Trenching & Underground Cable Installations

Ask about our new Grid Feed Solar Hybrid System. Beat the power companies at their own game. Run on Batteries during the day and charge with the sun for free.

    Design,Supply and Install Solar Powered Grid Feed Power systems.

    Contact us for a Quote which will include, Site Analysis,System Performance Estimate, Energy Audit, Type of system to suit your needs and Budget.

    We only use products that are manufactered to Australian Standards, and comply with Power Company and Clean Energy Council  terms and conditions.

    All parts and labour  warranties apply.

    We can set up a Maintenance Schedule, and do regular service to check you system is working to its full protential.

    We will inform you of all Goverment rebates and work out and submit paperwork for Renewable Energy Certficates (STC).

    Organize and comply with Energy Safe, Worksafe, Clean Energy Council, and Power Companiy Regulations.

    We do the whole job from start to finish, on time on Budget.

     Ballarat Based Installer 






For all Electrical Contracting  call us at Len's Electriical Contracting REC 17639 for all your electrical needs, 





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      3 Kw 13 x 230w Astroergy
      6 panels on 25deg. main roof and 7 panels on 24deg tilt legs
      Motec Inverter
       Job Completed in Ballarat Jan 2011

















5kwsolartalbot     5 Kw System Ballarat installed Sept 2011.

                                                                                                                     Background 14 panels on shed in landscape orientation

                                                                                                                      in order to get all 26 panels installed




beaufort off grid kubota 5  beaufortoffgridjobkubota4  

 Latest service offered to Len's Electrical Customers.

 All underground cables can now be installed by us instead of using other sub contractors.                                     


3 kilowatt off grid

3 Kilo watt Off Grid Power,

12 x 2 Volt Gel Batteries inside battery box

SPMC 240-AU Selectronic Inverter ChargerMidnite Classic

Midnite Solar Regulator Classic 150

Auto Start 8 KVA Honda Generator

talbot 1 kw off grid system

1Kw 24 Volt System

Consists of 4 x 6 Volt Gel Batteries

4 x 250 Watt Top Ray Panels 

Prosine 1800 Watt Inverter Charger

Midnite Solar 150 Classic Solar Regulator

 Main Switchboard.